Subject: Re: The rising euro's effect on your travel plans
Hello everyone

If it makes you feel any better we Brits feel that way too! It is very, very expensive to eat out well in the UK. Even a fast food meal is a rip off compared to Italy or France and especialy the USA. I question the article you mentioned, that claims that prices in the UK have not risen. My bank balance begs to differ, as do my grocery bills! About the only thing that has gone down is the price of cars - perhaps this has affected the shopping basket!

We went to Italy in October and I also found that the cost of living has gone up. My relations there are not happy about the euro. I also noticed the difference on a trip to France. The exchange rate was the same but things just cost more (though still cheaper than the UK in both cases.)

The goods news is that our money will go further should we visit family in the US. Mustn't grumble!

Linda Reading, UK