Subject: Re: Australia - Ugg Boots
Hi Candice - you can certainly get Ugg Boots from a roadside store on the Great Western Highway in Faulconbridge, which is about 75km west of Sydney. If you were planning a road trip to the Blue Mountains (eg Katoomba) you would pass right beside it. They are open all year round and sell other sheepskin products as well.

Because it's the middle of summer here you would be unlikely to find any stores like K-Mart or similar with 'Uggies' in stock, so look in the more touristy places in the CBD. (We've successfully brought footwear for other people in the past by tracing around the intended recipient's foot and taking the piece of paper with us to the shop, and lying it against the sole of the shoe. Is your niece able to give you a foot tracing to take?)Good luck. Enjoy your trip. Cheers, Sally. (Sydney).