Subject: Re: Paris - Venice?
Hey Marlene,

I agree with Gary on this one. It is Paris hands down! Venice is kind of like visiting get off the bus, traverse your way to your goal (Stonehenge or Venice) by foot or boat, and exclaim: Well,here I am, have always wanted to see it, now I have, lets move on.

But......Paris. Well, a day in Venice is like a very long book with one chapter..... and maybe like some Western movies, once is probably enough.

But......Paris. It has so many chapters, each new, different. Paris is a book that deserves to be reread , so many layers to be peeled back.

For instance, when in Paris go to Belleville (it has a Metro stop) and spend a half day , or longer, soaking up the non-touristy-Paris. Stroll up and down the hill - you will see it the minute you exit the Metro. And, then, stroll back and forth on the streets at the bottom of the hill...right where you get off the Metro. If you are there on a market day, it is even a more wonderful experience.

Spencer in Madison (Wisconsin, that is)