Subject: Accommodations in Glasgow, Scotland
Hi Rose,

The Hostel in Glasgow is closed until February of 2004 due to a fire, but there are many other Hostels in Scotland if you might consider an alternate location (Their slogan is From Cottages to Castles which REALLY sounds intriguing!) and their web site is located at:

You might also consider checking out the International Home Exchange Network at: The link I gave you goes directly to their listing for homes available in Scotland. They charge a $29.95 membership fee, but you can often find anything from a free home to stay in to free use of cars and boats.

Then, there's always -- it looks like they have several options in your price range for Southern Scotland:

Finally, also lists several options in your price range for Glasgow: This link includes your search options for Glasgow.

All said and done, I still always find the easiest to use.

Have a great trip!

Margaret Charleston, SC