Subject: Belgium & Italy in winter? Where to go...
Hello, thought I'd jump right in. My husband and I will be in Belgium during most of January. He will be working most of the time, so my two year old son and I will be mostly making day trips for the first couple of weeks. I was thinking Paris, Amsterdam, maybe somewhere in Germany. I'm worried about the weather so am unsure if we should just stay closer to HQ/Brussels and play it safe. Can anyone clue me into what I should expect in the Belgium area during January?

Also, towards the end of January/early February, we'll be taking about 10 days for just play. My husband wants to go to Italy as he's 1/2 italian. LOL. I've been many times but always during the late spring or early summer with my family as a child. I don't have a clue where to go! Would love some suggestions on where we might just park ourselves for about 10 days and relax and have some fun. I'm open to all suggestions. I just don't want to do a city hopping tour at this time because my son is so young and we have to carry so much gear with him. LOL. Those carry on days are long gone :-) Maybe even somewhere with a beach so that my son can play in the sand. We just want something relaxing but still be able to see stuff when we feel adventurous.

Thanks in advance!