Subject: Re: Welcome Amee & travel in Italy
Hi Amee!

Welcome to the group! I commend you on your willingness to travel with a small child. Our son is now 6, but we have been taking him on annual summer vacations to Italy since he was 9 months old.

Starting kids travelling when they're young is wonderful - it gets them accustomed to the process and exposes them to so many new and exciting experiences! I DOES take a bit more effort on the part of the parents, but it's worth it. You'll be travelling light again once the diapers, car seat, and stroller are a thing of the past!

With a toddler in Italy, I would pick a base and see the sights in the area. Since it is winter, I would probably pick a city or an agriturismo near a city. Unless you and your husband have seen enough of Rome, I might base myself there for 10 days. There are enough museums and sights to keep you busy and places where kids can play. Even at 2, you'd be suprised how fun a museum can be, if you limit the amount you try to tackle at one museum. When Joe was younger, we'd pick a 'thing' and have him try and find as many as possible in a particular museum. Most musuems are stroller- friendly. There is a childrens' hands-on museum in Rome, too.

Besides the Forum for climbing, you can go to Ostia Antica and Hadrian's Villa at Tivoli - interesting for adults and fun for kids to run and play. Just bring a picnic lunch. While there might not be alot of grass, there are plenty of piazzi to run around in and fountains to wonder at. And, of course, pigeons to chase!:)

Since you have 10 days, you could reasonably see alot in Sicily, too. There are so many things to see and ruins to climb on! You wouldn't have beach weather, but you could 'play' at the rock beaches is the air tempurature was warm enough.

We've always had a wonderful repsonse from the Italians when travelling with our son. Wherever you pick, you'll have a relaxing visit if you stick with the mantra 'less is more' with kids in tow.

Ciao, Kristy S.F.