Subject: Brazilian barbecue in Montreal
Hi meat-loving Ziners!

While in Montreal last week, we ate at Le Milsa, 1445A Bishop Street (downtown, just north of Ste. Catherine Street in the Crescent Street area). This informal restaurant in a converted brownstone has a simple menu - just a choice of three items. You can have 10 types of meat with salad, pineapple for dessert, tea or coffee for $25Cdn or fish (salmon, I think) or a whole Cornish game hen.

We took the 10 meats - served traditionally on swords or barbecue spears. The friendly servers wander from table to table offering the different sorts, as much as you want - beef (several types), lamb, pork, sausage, turkey bacon (didn't like this one), chicken. You are given tongs to grab hold of the meat as it is carved for you. The meat was very tasty - the outer slices were particularly flavourful. We ended with barbecued pineapple. House wine by the litre (not on the wine list) was quite drinkable. The only downside - I don't think I want to eat meat again for a while!

Le Milsa's phone number: 514-985-0777

Frances Toronto, Canada