Subject: Re: Belgium & Italy in winter? Where to go...
Hello, Amee,

I just arrived home from Belgium about 45 minutes ago. We were in Brussels for one night and Bruges the previous four nights (were visiting friends near Frankfurt over Xmas). We spent quite a bit of time outdoors. The temp was mostly in 30s and 40s (F) with some short periods of rain. I wore a sport shirt, plus fairly heavy Orvis travel jacket, then a lined LL Bean jacket, along with a scarf and a stocking cap. I was never too chilly and often too warm with that get up. When we were cold, it was really no big problem, since we would stop somewhere, continuing our research - my wife's on chocolate and mine on beer. I recommend carrying a small umbrella.

Speaking of cold, I recommend the Snow and Ice exhibition at the Bruges train station, where they keep the temp at -5 C very impressive snow and ice sculptures.

There are many, many interesting locations within easy reach of Belgium. We took the ICE train to and from Brussels and Frankfurt. It is 3 hours. It stops in Aachen and Cologne # sorry I don't remember the times involved, but it's a fast train, they claim it goes as fast as 300 kph.

Dan Karney West Chester, PA