Subject: Re: Why Do We Travel?
Happy New Year Ziners - I travel because I can! I took my first trip with my mother to England when I was 18 years old (I was born there and had not been back since I was 2 years old). So my first trip was an acquaintance with the country where I was born.

As an avid reader, I savoured many countries through my love of books which awakened in me a curiosity to see them for real.

Our first trip as a couple was a trip to St. Lucia because it was on sale. Since then, we've become air only folks who use the airplane as a means to an end. We book our own hotels wherever we go, use local transportation, and attempt to find accommodation in local neighbourhoods - much more fun, much more educational and much more interesting.

There is such a diversity in our world which is getting smaller all the time due to the availability and the relatively cheap cost of travel, especially if one uses charter flights or discount airlines.

And the anticipation of the trip which is booked several months before one travels keeps the boredom out of a sometimes humdrum existence.

As soon as one trip is over, you start looking towards the next!