Subject: Re: Reason why we travel?
Hi Donna,

I travel to meet people and broaden my understanding of the world. Here is a poem I found which I think sums it up best.

Travels By Al-Shafi

Travel! Set out and head for pastures new- Life tastes the richer when you've road-worn feet. No water that stagnates is fit to drink, For only that which flows is truly sweet.

No lion that spurned the hunt could catch its prey, No arrow unreleased could ear a score A sun that hung immobile in the sky Would soon become a universal bore.

Sandal's mere firewood in its native grove, Gold is but dust, umined in the lode. Things that are stationary have little worth: They only gain their value on the road.

Found in Travels with a tangerine by Tim Mackintosh-Smith

Have Traveling in 2004! Tom, London, Canada