Subject: Sicily in January
Hello Amee

far from me the wish of spoiling your fun, but you better be prepared to some inconveniences while travelling in winter.

Even in the most known tourist spots, January is a dead month, and hotels and restaurants use to have their holidays then, after the Christmas/New

Year crowd and before early spring birds. The beach resorts will be empty and shut down, the beaches uncared, i.e. covered by what the sea brings ashore in winter. The landscape, so interestingly different in the other three seasons, is at its worst, with bare trees and yellowish grass. Someone can surely find a beauty in it, but it's no way the Italian postcard everybody wants to see.

About farm holidays: a great way to spend a vacation but, again, you should be aware that many accomodations in Southern Italy have no heating, because they are used mainly in summer, so, even if they are nominally open all year round, the staying can be a bit unpleasant. If you still feel like going to Sicily, I suggest you to look in the Taormina or Siracusa area, where you are more likely to find comfortable accomodations in winter because of the well-known tourist spots around there. Also the often rough seas make the staying on smaller isles a hazard.

On a different note, you could find some farm holiday apartment in Tuscany with all comfort, but always remember the time outdoor will be severely limited by the weather (it rains more there than in Sicily) and the early sunset. Farm accomodations are usually located far enough from noisy activities, except for eager roosters singing when it's still dark! Well, enough bad news for one message.

Bye, Paolo Trieste, Italy