Subject: Tuscany in January!

OK, you've convinced me. LOL.

Actually, about an hour before I read your reply, I had changed my mind. I realized that I was making my travel plans based on what I thought would be more fun for the baby. The reality is that he probably couldn't care less if he were in Sicily or Florence. On the other hand, both my husband and I really, really want to visit Tuscany and was going to settle for Sicily.

So, I have a whole bunch of research to do (again.) I want to be somewhere convenient so that my husband and I can take turns going out and exploring by ourselves while the baby is taking a nap. I hate to actually stay in the city but that may be what we have to do so that we can actually have some adult time also.

Any favorite working vineyards or farms you would recommend?

Thanks again!

Amee Reno, NV