Subject: suggestions for German traveler to US
Hi Ziners, I wondered if anyone could help with a trip for a friend. We had a German exchange student in 1990. He just became a doctor and recently married and wants to bring his wife to visit us in San Antono, TX but he also wants her to see Disney World in Orlando, FL and New Orleans, LA. His original plan was to fly into San Antonio and drive turning the rental car in at Orlando and fly back to Germany from there. He found the price is more than he can afford with prices of rental cars turning in at a different airport than he picked it up from. He doesn't want to drive back and forth, that's too much driving. They are on a budget. I don't know what to tell him would be the cheapest way to do a trip like this and I was hoping one of you would have an idea. Since he spent a year in San Antonio he would like her to see our home and the sights here but we are so deep into Texas and it takes so long to drive out of her. Would renting a motor home save in the long run from having to stay at motels along the way? Is there any reasonable priced way to do this trip for him? I appreciate any suggestions members have. Carol Mueller in San Antonio TX