Subject: Re: suggestions for German traveler to US
Hi Carol,

it's a difficult decision, depending on time and the actual prizes of things.

Those are the options I'd consider:

- 3 or 4 flights. Germany - San Antonio. San Antonio - Orlando. Orlando - Germany. If the inland flight is cheap, they might even consider a two-way trip cause this might make the Germany-US flights cheaper when they finish and start at the same US airport....

- 2 flights (Germany - San Antonio, Orland - Germany) and rental car in between.

- 2 flights and a motorhome / rv. For both (rental car or motorhome) there are additional charges cause you give the car back at another place.....

- 2 flights and buying a car for the time in between, and of course selling it at the end. You would have to help with assurances and so on as they either require a US adress for the contracts or you have to contact agencies who do that for you.

- 2 flights and the train (is there one between San Antonio and Orlando?). Perhaps this would even be a chance for going back and forth?

- 2 different trips. One Germany - San Antonio and back. One Germany - Orlando and back. This might even be cheaper than the other options cause especially for Florida there are sometimes cheap offers. And it would make it able to choose the best season for each part of the trip.

First of all your friend has to find out prices for all the possibilities he likes. And of course part of the decision will be for how long he can travel within the US. I wouldn't take the adventure of buying a car for one or two weeks.....

Baerbel (Germany)