Subject: Re: suggestions for German traveler to US
Hi Carol You haven't said what amount your friend is prepared to spend, when he is travellilng and how much time he has, but I suggest you check out Southwest Airlines.

The current one-way fare for each of San Antonio-New Orleans and New Orleans-Orlando is approximately $200 per person (total $800 for the two flights). Is this less than car rental? He would have to take into account the time involved, overnight hotel/motel costs, gas, etc. of driving. On the other hand, they will see some beautiful country.

Alternatively, search around car rental sites (and perhaps speak to an agent in San Antonio) about renting a car that has to be returned to Louisiana. He wouldn't want to pay to have a car parked in New Orleans.

When in New Orleans, I'd suggest a stay in a bed and breakfast rather than a hotel, and perhaps outside of the French Quarter, to save money. There were recent Zine posts on staying in the Garden District.

Good luck with your queries. Lucy, Toronto