Subject: Re: suggestions for German traveler to US
Hi Carol:

Be sure to have your friend check out Mary Waring spends her full-time updating the site with codes that help visitors to Disney World save hundreds of dollars.

Second, check ebay for Amtrak deals. Amtrak consistently puts tickets up for auction on ebay and you can usually catch some unbelievably good deals:

You might also check Greyhound and Trailways:

My family likes to camp and you can save an unbelievable amount of money on lodging by camping, let me know if that's an option for your friend and I'll send you a list of some sites around Orlando.

Here's a site for checking on the cost of renting a motor home:

Definitely check out -- they always have great deals in Orlando. I just did a quick check and saw accommodations in Orlando with bids as low as $6, but all bids always start at $1: They also have packages up for bid that include airfare.

There are Homestead Hotels in Orlando (rooms with kitchens) that can be booked for under $50: Being able to cook in their room would save them some cash.

Also try -- for accommodations. Here's the link to their Orlando page:

Finally, always, always, always check and -- they are two of the biggest online travel discounters and you just never know what they might turn up for you.

Best wishes! (Can you tell my family and I love Walt Disney World?!??!?) :0)

Margaret Charleston, SC