Subject: Senior Tours Suggestions?
Hello Ziners! Just back from our Rose Parade trip with my husband, 20 year old niece and 75 year old mother-in-law. I survived. My mother-in-law,

who is not an experienced traveller, really seemed to enjoy the trip and I think she would like to travel more. I'm thinking that next year she could take a tour with others her age. She's pretty

outgoing, will talk to anyone and gets around fine. As long as all of the arrangements were made for her I think she would do well. She loves listening to music and watching dancing or ice skating, loves watching all kinds of sports and loves flowers. Does anyone know of a good tour company I can research that may cater to her age group/

interests? She is based in the New Orleans area and would fly if necessary. I'm thinking US travel though...not sure she'd want to go overseas. Thanks in advance, Jennie in Atlanta