Subject: Senior Tours Suggestions?
Hi, Jennie and Ziners,

I, too, have heard nothing but good things about Elderhostel.

My mother was a regular, having taken courses about flowers, crafts and history in various locations in the U.S. She toured

western Canada and Australia with the group as well. You don't just take courses, you have field trips as well, which are equivalent to touring.

And the group is not just for couch potatoes. While many programs are easy to moderately active, there are also those

geared to walking a few miles a day, hiking, trekking or bicycling. Specialty trips include train treks, and birding activities. The courses are all reasonably priced and the international trips include airfare.

One may send for the preprinted catalogs. There are two: Discover America and Discover the World. In the U.S., one may call 1-877-426-8056 to request the catalogs. Or, write to

Elderhostel, Inc. 11 Avenue de Lafayette Boston, MA 02111-1746

Of course, they'd prefer to save the paper and give you the info at

Looking forward to using Elderhostel myself for a course or two, Carrie in dreary Bardonia, NY