Subject: Re: Airline reality show
Hi Ziners,

In my relatively short travelling life I have been lucky enough to have had no major issues with making flights and connections, and as I have often been travelling solo, at check-in some of the attendants have been incredibly kind with my seating arrangements. At the same time, I have witnessed some hissy fits by other travellers when things don't go quite according to plan. I always travel with the knowledge that a smile goes SO much further than a frown or a harsh word, and that, plus travel insurance, keeps me sane and smiling (most of the time)!

I am interested in hearing any feedback on the attitudes of those who missed flights over Xmas/New Year when the flights were cancelled due to security concerns? I only saw a few brief interviews on TV but those questioned seemed to be taking it well although one or two were bothered. In the world as we know it now will travellers become more tolerant of these situations knowing what the alternatives might be if we don't suffer the odd travelling inconvenience aimed at securing our safety?

Or once again is the media narrowing my view of the situation!? :) Megan Sweltering in Brisbane, Australia