Subject: Re: Peru
re the peru line, i know that a cuzco/mp trip is plenty to occupy one vacation, but i would also like to put a plug in for other cites in peru. i lived there for a year and everyone who came to visit me wanted to go straight up to cuzco--but when i was able to talk a few into other areas, they resulted with success. i particularly recommend the colca canyon. the anchor city for this trek would be arequipa, which is nowhere near as overwhelming as lima. in the colca, there are beautiful hikes and great small towns. in terms of other mountain region places to visit, i fell in love with ayacucho (we went around easter, when it is in peak festival season), however, i think that it may not be as safe as other cities right now, given a resurgence in sendero luminoso activity, something to check on. i have a particular fondness for the coastal desert south of lima, chincha and this little town called el carmen are the seat of afro-peruvian culture. peru is an incredible country and so much variety, lots to see beyond cuzco cuzco.

in any case, you really can't avoid interesting places! best, jeannine