Subject: Re: Greater Tolerance? was: Airline reality show
Hi Megan, Our flight wasn't cancelled but we were delayed for 4 hours in Athens before we could take off for London because an unauthorized object had come to light in the passenger cabin just before we were due to take off. Evidently the cabin crew were not aware of who it belonged to (and they didn't tell us what it was) but the captain was incredibly apologetic throughout multiple announcements explaining the situation and each step of the delay.

It took them over an hour to determine the best procedure for evacuation of the plane, then it took another 2 or so to re-x-ray each passenger and crew while simultaneously having the empty plane searched for more concealed unauthorized objects, and about another hour before we were all settled in our seats for take-off.

I didn't hear any complaints from passengers - even though it was an early morning flight and most of our stomaches were grumbling for food! I felt sorry for the people with young children but they handled it well. I think any venting of frustration was probably dispelled by that fantastic captain who talked to us many times - even stood at the door apologizing to each individual as they went off the plane for the second security check.

I think you are right - with the global situation the way it is ...we all need to become more tolerant of unexpected delays and cancellations. And a smile, kind words, and a sense of humour sure help!

Judy in HK