Subject: Re: Paris favorites - 2 special places
Hi Marlene,

I have 2 special museums that you might be interested in. The first is the Cluny (Musee du Moyen Age.)

This is considered, I believe, to be the finest Middle Ages Museum in Europe... However, if you don't care for armor or swords, etc -- please read on.

The finest tapestries we have ever seen are here and even if this is all you see in this museum, please see them - You won't regret doing this!

They are called The Dame and the Unicorn tapestries and they are extraordinary. Here is info. on the museum; also called the Cluny Museum (very near the Sorbonne).

Musee National du Moyen Age -- Thermes de Cluny Tel: 01 53 73 76 16, Metro or RER - Saint-Michel, Cluny-La Sorbonne. This has Roman baths and it used to be an old Monastery from the 15thC -- It is supposed to have the best mediaeval collection in Europe, if not the world and it is wonderful!!! It is really worth seeing. The San Chapelle stained glass windows, the mediaeval jewelry, and the best of all: The Dame with the Unicorn Tapestries. All of the tapestries in the museum are breathtaking, but these... They are sensational and in this room, you can get a laminated sheet (in 4 languages) that will explain all about them, They are huge and colorful, detailed and just magnificent. They are Flemish from the late 1400s and the only parts that are faded are those that have been restored. They are allegorical in nature and depict the 5 senses - Please, do yourself a favor, if you're in Paris -- GO!

My second recommendation is to go to the Music Museum if you have any interest in music from any time. It's fantastic.

Here is the information on it: Musee de la Musique -- Cite de la musique, 221, avenue Jean-Jaures, Paris 19 Metro: Porte de Pantin -- tel: 01 44 84 44 84. For anyone loving music and enjoying seeing old, (and sometime painted)

instruments; dioromas of old opera houses (with music)this is a must! Earphones are given to you and as you walk through each room, where the earphone symbol is displayed on

some of the instruments, the early music of that instrument

flows into your ears! Standing next to a diorama of a late 1600s opera house, Monteverdi's Ofeo was sung! This is an amazing place. They also have special exhibits and a very complete museum store. This museum is housed at Cité where many concerts are held.

Good luck and have fun! Susie Newton, MA