Subject: Re: Paris favorites?
Hi, Marlene,

Many people mentioned many little gems.

I want to add to the list two of less visited, but still very interesting places:

the cemeteries of Per La Chez and Montmartre. You can see here the best cemetery architecture that I've ever seen and visit the graves of such famous people like Ives Montand, Alexander Duma, Dalida, Berlioz, Chopin and many! others.

Also you have no right! to miss the beautiful St Chapelle - near the Court of Justice. You can try to combine visiting it with listening concert in the evening.

I also recommend you to take an evening/night river cruise with Bateau Mouche - an unforgettable one!

If you go to Versaille, try to do it in Sunday, when you can see all fountains with music! They usually make it at the afternoon - 15-17.30.

If you stil have a time - Fontenebleau is a wonderful!!! palace to visit. From there you can continue to the castle which was a prototype of Versaille - Vaux-le-Vicomte.

The Abbey of St Denis has a great vitrails and the graves of French kings. World best vitrails are in Chartres. The town is also a very pleasant one.

Enjoy your trip. And you're welcome to ask about more assistance.

Alex Elbert Israel, Jerusalem