Subject: Re: Paris favorites?
Hello Marlene and everyone-

So many wonderful suggestions so far... One aspect of Paris that I have yet to see mentioned and that I find myself wandering through as much as possible are the old passages.

The Opera Quarter has many of these. They are the old shopping arcades built with steel and glass roofs. Passage des Panoramas, Passage Jouffroy, Passage Verdeau, and Passage des Princes. For high fashion check out Galerie Vivienne for Gaultier and the like.

Whatever you do, at some point in time, just let yourself wander (with a good map in your pocket, of course! My favorite being the ubiquitous laminated streetwise Paris) and head to a cafe to do some good Parisian people-watching!

I also have to give Montmarte another try on my next visit... especially after seeing Amelie.

Jenni in slightly snowy Chicago