Subject: Re: Paris favorites?
Marlene, I see you've had lots of great suggestions. Here's a couple of things we enjoyed that I haven't seen mentioned: 1)A day trip to Monet's home and gardens in Giverny 2) On a Sunday morning, visit Luxembourg Gardens watching all the radio-controlled boats in the pool, enjoying the flowers, and watching Parisian families relaxing in the gardens. Then it's a quick, easy walk to St. Sulpice with it's grand pipe organ. At 11:30am on Sunday's there is a high-powered concert (free). (Also, if you're on a DA VINCI CODE odyssey, there you can see the Rose Line and obelisk that were part of the story.) The nearby St.

Germaine market is open on Sundays. And the wonderful Cluny Museum, already mentioned, is nearby. Angie-frustrated in Wichita without a next trip planned