Subject: France questions
Hello folks,

I'm almost embarassed to ask this, but I promised my daughter that I would find out. We are going to Provence in April and planning to stay at B&Bs. I've only stayed at B&Bs in one country--Ireland--and there was a wide choice for breakfast. Since my daughter is a vegetarian, she wants to know what is usually offered in Provence. I said there would be croissants for sure, jam, probably cereal because they cater to foreign tourists, maybe crepes and eggs. Am I right? When she was there years ago, on a tour with her grandmother, they were given melon and proscuitto for breakfast and she doesn't like either.

In Ireland the B&B hosts are very helpful at finding you a place to stay as you move on. They phone ahead for you at no charge, and make arrangements, usually with someone they know. Is this common in Provence or do you have to make your own reservations? We found this very helpful because I didn't want to pre-book everything in case we wanted to change our itinerary and go somewhere different or stay longer. I have contacted the B&B where we would like to stay for the first few nights and I asked this, but she didn't answer this question.

If anyone has a specific B&B that they found very good, and not too expensive, I would love to hear about it.

Thanks for saving me from having to ask the B&B host what she serves for breakfast!

Nancy Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada