Subject: Re: Paris restaurants
here are the addresses to the restaurants within a few blocks of the Abbesses metro stop. The first is right after you leave the abbesses stop turn towards rue des abbesses (to your right) and right off of places des abbesses, there is coquelicot a fabulous boulangerie whose bread is a little heavier than other baguettes, they have nut and fig breads to go, but also have a few tables for fantastic and adorable breakfasts (i have not yet tried lunch or dinner).

then you proceed down rue des abbesses until you hit 52 and la mascotte. there is fresh seafood, moules, oursins, gambas, outside on large beds of ice so you really cannot miss it. fantastic seafood. lunch is quite reasonable, 15e for one of the plats of the day and either an entree or dessert.

from there, you turn left on rue a bruant for le taraudant, moroccan. great tajines. 15e average for a plat at dinner.

next door to it is a sushi place that i have not yet tried but that my landlady tells me rocks.

at the end of that block, so at the cross street of rue a bruant and rue veron, is a togolese place called le mono. go on the weekend for roast piglet, but other meals are well (well) worth it.

across the street from there, on rue veron, is escale montmartre, vietnamese. i had the fondue which was fun (you dunk your meats and seafoods in yourself) and a vietnamese pancake, both were heavenly.


best, jeannine