Subject: Re: France questions
Hi Nancy,

even though I understand you concern - I think you really will have to ask every host.... Bed & Breakfast in France (called chambre d'hôte there) was in my experience always nice, but very different from host to host. Even though most times I got bread (rarely croissants btw), marmelade, honey and also cereals there were exceptions.

And I think there's normally NO chance of pre-booking. The B&Bs are not organized in the same way as e.g. in Ireland. What I did was collecting brochures from the tourist informations in the regions I was travelling in and then call them when I knew where to go. In rare (!) cases a host suggested another B&B he/she knows. Most times they only spoke french......

Anyway - I should add that the B&Bs I stayed in were usually the best idea compared to hotels (which varied a lot in price and comfort - and not in a good relation between those two things).

BUT I couldn't find suitable B&Bs in the Provence - the tourist offices were no help here, they seemed to favor hotels to recommend. One small hotel in Aix-en-Provence I stayed in was ok though - Hotel de quatre dauphins iirc (next to a place crowned by a fountain with four dolphins).

hth Baerbel.

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