Subject: Provence in April
Hi Ziners,

We are looking for ideas!

We have a date, on April 25, to do the Lyon marathon. Following that, we have about three weeks before we have to return our vehicle to Frankfurt.

As we have a motorhome, accommodation is not an issue: we can stop where ever we feel, and for as long (or as short) as we feel. We are in no great rush to see lots of places and do lots of things. We enjoy un-rushed sightseeing, and just having a relaxing time. Whatever route we plan, we won't rigidly stick to it, but we do need to start with some sort of basic plan. We tend to be quite flexible!

Our general plan is to head south from Lyon, in the direction of Avignon, and then head east in the direction of Draguignan (and perhaps San Remo to visit a friend) before going north via Digne, Grenoble, Annecy and on to Frankfurt.

We would love to get some feedback (about route, places to visit, things to do) from the more experienced travelers on the list. We will have bikes, and we both enjoy walking, so any ideas in that direction would also be welcome.

Thanks, Keith & Tamar, in wintery Israel