Subject: Re: Euros and the US and Canadian dollar
Hi Ziners,

I must admit that a changing currency value is one thing that has never affected my travel plans.

In the past I have let things such as the international terrorism situation affect my travel decisions. The shape of my travels has also been influenced by my perception of the safety level of various countries' local transport i.e. planes crashing, trains derailing. But being from Australia where our dollar is almost always worth less than one dollar in my destination country I have ignored the conversion rate. In 2001 when I desperately wanted to travel to Europe I watched despondently as our dollar plummeted to a record low against the $US; $1 Aussie bought just 48 US cents! And here was I buying a 3 weeks European tour in US dollars. Ouch! But I never considered not going; I went and had a fantastic time and really only thought about it when I was considering buying a more expensive purchase O.S.

And then this week I have reflected on my moans about the incredible heat and humidity we've been experiencing in Brisbane; I've seen on our news how Vermont is having -30oC !!! But some travellers seek out extremes in temperature.

So it's another of those things that makes travel such a wonderful eye-opening experience: everyone has different motivations and brings different perspectives to every encounter. :) Megan Brisbane, Australia - now a more pleasant overcast 30oC