Subject: Re: Provence in April
Hi Keith and Tamar, We stopped for an afternoon in Lyon a few years ago. Our visit was short only because we were on our way north and it was raining.

However, the city is the centre of French gastronomy so you are assured some wonderful food. You should look out for the secret alleyways used in the middle ages by silk merchants when transporting their goods to keep them dry and by the French Resistance during WWII to hide from the Germans.

I highly recommend Annecy, known as the Little Venice of the Alps. It's a beautiful town on Lake Annecy. The town abounds with restaurants, many along the water. We woke early one mornng to the sound of food vendors setting up their tables. Herbs, spices, vegetables and fruit, and sweet smelling breads everywhere. Annecy is relatively small so just ask the locals where the street market is and enjoy. As the town is situated in the Pays de Savoie region, you will taste the great Savoyard cheeses.

Here are a few sites to get you started.

And good luck with the marathon. Lucy, Toronto (windchill of -32C tonight)