Subject: Torture me!
Hi Ziners,

In a few weeks Linda and I will be visiting Italy and for days now I have been consumed with thoughts of what I'll be eating! To those of you who have read our travelogues this will come as no surprise. I became aware in my fantasizing that my thoughts went to rather basic foods and preparations. Let me share some of the places and goodies that are driving me crazy and then maybe you can share your culinary dreams.

In Tuscany any pasta with a rich veal, rabbit or boar ragu - you can be sure both the pasta and sauce are homemade of the best and freshest ingredients. Ribollita drives me nuts, particularly on a frosty day.

In Florence, at Cinghiale Bianco, the roast rabbit and tagliata (sliced sirloin on a bed of arugula and shavings of Parmigiano-Reggiano).

In Genoa the real pesto (basil is king here).

Napoli for pizza - they have the _right_ flour, water, cheese and tomato - a combination that does not exist elsewhere.

In Portugal: Matosinhos (near Porto) for a fish feast of fried carapau followed by grilled sardines and grilled sargo at Grill O Xarroco. Porta Delgada, S.Miguel, Azores at Acores Marisquira for local seafood treasures like; cracus, lapas and lobster.

Friedrichstal (near Karlsruhe) Germany for breaded pan fried pork filets from naturally fed pigs.

Most anywhere in Austria for tafelspiez (boiled beef).

Bern, Switzerland, at Della Casa for deer filets served with seasonal vegetables and fruits.

Bled, Slovenia, at Gostilna Pri Planincu, for mushroom soup and grilled chicken. At any good pastry shop, cream cake (two inches of boiled cream topped by two inches of real whipped cream with a flakey crust at the top and bottom) - I'm drooling.

Amsterdam, Cafe de Klos for grilled pork ribs.

Greece, we always remember real thick yogurt topped with walnuts and honey. In Athens at Delphi, gigantes (giant lima beans), fresh beets, fried sliced zucchini and eggplant with skordalia, tomato and cuke salad and rabbit stifado (rabbit stew).

Israel, a huge assortment of salads with grilled kebobs or whole grilled fish.

Trieste, Da Pepi Buffet, boiled pork sandwiches with heavenly sauerkraut.

Bar Harbor, Maine (so what if it's not across the pond), Thurston's Lobster Pond for steamed clams and lobster.

Go ahead, torture me some more.

Regards, Don Toronto