Subject: Re: Torture me!
Hi Don,

I know you thought Ziners were foodies so you tried to rouse them with your cravings. While we wait for the others to share their favorites, I'll torture you! ;-)

You forgot to mention ice cream. Was the list of favorite places too long? I did a simple search in our travelogues and got 88 hits! (con panna - tortura!)

And bread - 97 hits, definitely too numerous to elaborate. (think dense, crusty, complex)

Hot chocolate at Angelina in Paris.

Fresh cream chocolate truffles at Sprungli in Zurich.

Did I say Zurich? How could you not mention the Vorderer Sternen sausage place at the corner of Bellevue Platz and Freieckgasse? (crunch!)

Fried artichokes in Rome or on the road to Fiesole! (need I say more?)

I'd suggest we do some serious dieting before we depart next Friday (after we finish the Jamoca Almond Fudge ice cream, of course).

Love, Linda (your partner in crime)