Subject: Ariano Irpino (Avellino) was: Naples
Hi Anne,

Perhaps Andrea Massaro can suggest a guide. He seems to be very knowledgeable (even if I can't understand a word of what he's written!):

I found a museum site that might interest you: On the site, there's a short description of each of these museums, and info about opening hours and admission charges, if any.

ARCHAEOLOGY The Ariano Irpino Museum of Antiquities Ariano Irpino (Avellino) - Palazzo Anzani, via D. Anzani, 8 Phone 0825/824839 (Superintendency)

ART Diocesan Museum Ariano Irpino (Avellino) - via Annunziata Phone 0825/871139

ART Municipal Museum Ariano Irpino (Avellino) - Palazzo Forte, via R. D'Afflitto Phone 0825/875207

ART The Silverware Museum Ariano Irpino (Avellino) - via Pasquale Stanislao, 2 Phone 0825/871139 (Diocesan Curia)

SPECIALIZED MUSEUM G. Arcucci Museum Ariano Irpino (Avellino) - via P. S. Mancini, 16 Phone 0825/871480

Hope you find this info helpful.

Regards, Linda