Subject: Memories of Queen Mary I (was: Queen Mary II)
Hi Covadonga and Ziners,

I can't resist this call for shipboard memories with one very old, but special, memory of mine.

I was priviledged to have travelled first class both to and from the UK on two great ships (The Empress of Britain on our voyage to UK) because, for the Canadian military at the time, it was cheaper to ship a family and their belongings overseas that way than fly them.

On the last few days of December 1962 the Captain of the Queen Mary (en route to NY from Southampton) asked my parents if they would allow me to stay up New Year's Eve and participate in the festivities as the QM's Spirit of the New Year!! I was a chubby 11 yr old and I have a vague recollection of a very fussy little dress and a wand that I had to wave over the guests in the First Class Dining Room - wishing them all a very Happy 1963 (pushing out Old Father Time who was, I believe, one of the Pursers)! On New Year's Day I was presented with a special doll (a collector's likeness of Queen Eliz I, as I remember) and thank you letter from the Captain. Sadly, I lost those momentos in one of the subsequent moves that we made.

As I see ads for the QMII and think back to those crossings, I'm adjusting my must do list and adding another trip across the Atlantic (or Pacific) onboard one of the great ships.

Cheers! Judy in Hong Kong