Subject: Re: Going to Germany; any suggestions?
Hi Majeba,

I'd be glad to help with your trip - but cause Germany (as most other countries) has very different things to offer, it would be good to know what you're interested in - countryside, buildings, the big sightseeing points or rather small villages.... e.g. where did your ancestors come from?

An idea might be to go through a pictured guide book and find out what things you might like to visit. Then we (there are more Germans on travelzine *g* could help polishing the itinerary... :))))

Concerning travelling alone - if security is the point of your question, a lot of things depend on your attitude and experience. I travel a lot on my own and had no problems with it yet. But of course I avoid certain town areas alone, keep an eye on my purse and bag and so on..... What surely will help is the more German the better. Younger Germans will most times be able to help with English but not everyone has the courage to use his or her learnt English and older people didn't learn it at school.

So - what are you wishes? :)

Baerbel. Germany (near Stuttgart)