Subject: Re: Escorting a travel group
Hi Carol,

just out of curiosity - how old are the girls? :)

As I've done jobs as group guide (for adults) things might be similar but definitely not the same. Do you have to show them around? Or will you have guided tours which others will do? What I always found important is a good listing of all important adresses and phone numbers. Includes emergency numbers for every country I'm in, contact numbers for the accomodations and transport, home adresses (if possible) of the guests (in your case very important I'd say). If some of the girls use mobile phones (don't know cause technique is different in Europe, but who knows), I'd add those numbers.

Concerning mobile phones - this is something I like to use even though it's not cheap. Sometimes you will have to announce at the accomodation that you're late, perhaps you have to rearrange some transport.... whatever.

And a personal item. If you use a bus, you probably will be sitting on this first seat directly behind the windshield. I experienced hard times there cause you can't escape the sun. Not that I don't like it, but it's hard to stand it if it shines directly in your eyes. And due to the huge windshield there's no escape. So last year I bought a special baseball cap which allows to use it as cap OR as kind of a ribbon but still has a shield over the eyes - one of my best buys ever. Btw - this place next to the driver most times offers nearly no possibility to store your personal belongings.... Planning your bag is hard :)

hth Baerbel (Germany)