Subject: train replaced by bus, Stanstead airport; cheap(er?) London hotels
Dear 'Ziners, engineering works often mean that the (London) Stanstead Express train is replaced by a bus service; here are the latest changes, more at

Stanstead Express train replaced by bus, engineering works, Jan-Feb 2004 18 and 25th Jan, Liverpool Street to Stanstead; 9-11th Feb after 23:30 hrs between Bishops Stortford and Stanstead; 15th Feb Liverpool Street to Stanstead; 23-25th Feb after 23:00 hrs, Liverpool Street to Stanstead; have some good deals (compared to usual London prices at least) at the moment, especially if you fancy getting swanky: 5* from 98, Piccadilly.

All the best, pack 'em up, move 'em out Stewart London, UK