Subject: Re: Going to Germany; any suggestions?
Dear Majeba,

You have certainly received some great tips and resources. I will just add that you do not need to worry about traveling alone. I have been doing it for 40 years. While I have gone mostly to Italy, I headed to Germany on my own in 2000 in my close-to-mid 60's. I had a marvelous time.

I traveled by train and in the towns perhaps a taxi or two but mostly on foot. I picked hotels that were close to the areas I wanted to be in. I am sorry I can't tell you where I stayed; my journals are packed away. But in Munich I stayed near Marianplatz and in Berlin near the department store Ka-de-Wie. (Not sure about middle syallable.)

In both Munich and Berlin I took several bus tours. As I remember in Berlin, I went to Postsdam. In Munich I took tours to Rothenburg, a couple of Ludwig's castles, a night tour of the city, and I believe Gothenburg. I also took a walking tour of Dachau. I found the brochure in the tourist office. While it was depressing, it was a most interesting and, I believe, important tour.

I might add here that I learned never to carry a purse. I keep my money and passport in a carrier around my neck and in a holder clipped to the inside of my slacks waistband. How did I learn?

A pickpocket on a bus in Rome about 25 years ago taught me that. I try to follow the common sense rule and have never been afraid when I was out alone at night. Again this is probably because I have picked a place to stay near a safe and well-populated area.

Also, I don't speak German at all, but some words are recognizable. Have a great time!

Joan in Illinois