Subject: Italy
Hello Ziners,

Seeking your further advice regarding potential itineraries for a 10 day mini-tour of Italy this coming April. The overwhelming probability is that we will fly into and out of Milan, and therefore would like to maximize our experience in this part of the country.

I'll be in Turin for a few days, speaking at a conference, and then the plan is for my wife to join me, and begin our 10 days from there. Is it worthwhile staying in Turin, and making some (or even one) day trip from there?

I'm a wine fanatic, so have a huge desire to visit the Piedemonte wine area, in particular Barolo (my all time favourite wine) and Barbaresco (not too shabby either).

Is it worthwhile continuing South into Tuscany from there (something we'd like to do) or more worthwhile heading North to the lake region (Como, Maggiore). Bear in mind we'll be there in mid-April, so not peak tourist season, but is the weather decent enough to visit the lake region?

Also advice about transportation is needed. Should we rent a car for the whole time, or use rail. or both?

Thanks (in advance!)

John in Hamilton, ON