Subject: Re: France questions
Hello Nancy

Four of us (from Sydney) stayed in B&Bs in France in April 2003. We used a web site - to prebook all our accommodation

before we left Oz. All the accommodation was excellent, clean,

marvellous food (you can opt to have a homecoked, authentic dinner with the hosts in some instances for about 18Euro per person)and the hosts were charming, helpful and a delight, and could speak enough English that we enjoyed some funny times talking with them.

Accommodation costs varied, I've just quickly checked the site and in Aix-en-Provence for example costs are generally 60-80 Euro per night (per room - 2 people) at the moment. Breakfasts were home-made

breads, brioches, jams, rich local lavender honey. A lot of the accommodation required the use of a car to access them as they're

not in the centre of towns always, and at times we found the

breakfasts a bit late - often not being served until 8.30am or so, when we wanted to be on the move by then. Our hosts were very

obliging about bringing the starting time forward though. Have a look at the website, even if you don't want to book them you could carry a few details with you in case you get stuck somewhere.

Bon Voyage, hope you have as much fun as we did. Sally