Subject: Re: Family Reunion
Dear Linda:

There are two types of reunions, the 'gathering' and the 'homecomming'. The gathering chooses a location that has the greatest advantages of proximity, accomodations, activities and transportation access. The 'homecomming' is a location which has historical significance to the family. It could be the ancesstrial home of the first arrival to these shores or the oldest living relative's birthplace. With the 'homecomming' the focus of the activies center around visiting the influencial sites involving the family, and the creation or fleshing out the families history. Often these sites will include the family home, schools, places of business, cemetary and historical societies. Each generation can be put in charge of researching and preserving some phase of the families history.. the kids can do grave stone rubbings, the adults can search birth and death records, the seniors can make audio or video recordings of their childhood reccolections. Often, with BIG reunions, there are many contests that occur, naturally, such as games (baseball/flag football/checkers/cards

etc) and another great activity is a cooking contest, where various categories of dishes are made from different branches of the family and a wonderful cookbook can result. Some reunions even have a talent show as the finale of the event. Hope this helps, although we didn't give a specific reccomendation on a location, perhaps it will help you sort and select from the suggestions that others make.

Roy, Wanda & Dena Faires Sacramento, CA