Subject: Re: Movies
Hello Ziners!

Tom, good thread, but where to begin?! For Tuscany Room with a View. I spent six weeks in Florence when I was in college and the backdrop of this beautiful Renaissance city took me back to my summer there. Amelie is fun to watch and it portrays MontMarte as a colorful and quirky place. Babette's Feast, Like Water for Chocolate and Tampopo are wonderful for their settings but also great foodie-movies! I have never been to India, but the rich and lush colors of Monsoon Wedding just amaze me. A movie that I keep wanting to revisit, is a charming little gem titled Local Hero that takes place in Scotland. My list could go on and on and I didn't intend for my list to be all Foreign films - but, what can I say!

Jenni in not as cold as it could be Chicago