Subject: Re: Movies
Hello :)

There are many movies which give you good impression about England, Scotland and Ireland. Of course the historical ones (from Braveheart to Elizabeth), the detective stories of Agatha Christie, about Sherlock Holmes (and I LOVE Dempsey & Makepeace) or the series of this animal doctor in Yorkshire. Then there are wonderful movies like The full monty or one about a miner's brass band which english title I don't know. And there were two wonderful movies situated in Ireland in the last years American nephew and Long live Ned Devine.

A bit more on the bizarre side - The hour of the light (I only know the German title, this is a translation) about the winter in Svalbard - a great film.

And when I think about Sweden there are two extremes - the modern and weird side with rather 18+ detective stories - and the romantic side with everything by Astrid Lindgren.

And what about this bridges movie from New England (I think) - don't know the proper title.....

Perhaps my mind comes up with more later. :))

Baerbel (Germany)