Subject: Visit to Canada
Hello to all Ziners,

My wife and I are planning a trip from Australia around the world to visit relatives and friends.

First lengthy stop will be Holland and from there we hope to drive down into France.

Next stop will be in Hamilton to visit our daughter for about four weeks. We expect she will give us all the information we need about Ontario and surrounding areas.

Then in August we hope to fly to Edmonton and from there make our way to Vancouver via Smithers in BC.

We have not yet made up our minds what we should see along the way or even how to travel that leg. It may be that we take a train from Edmonton to Smithers and then later travel via Prince Rupert and the ferry down to Vancouver. Or we may retrace our steps to Jasper and take a train to Vancouver. Or there may be other possiblities we don't yet know about. Can anyone out there help us?

Any information will be most gratefully accepted.

Gerrit in Perth