Subject: Re: Going to Germany; any suggestions?
Hi Barbara (nearly my name *g*),

> Romantic Road to Rothenburg

Perhaps you could include N#rdlingen - even nicer I think than Rothenburg, but much less tourists :)

>Koln (short stop, 4 hours, to >see cathedral)

If time allows you could visit the Roman-Germanic museum nearby with great excavations.


Is there a special reason for Hannover? The only thing I really liked is a nice garden/park at the borders of Hannover where we were lucky enough to feed the deer (literally!) - but that wouldn't make me stop there *g*


I'd favor Quedlinburg.

> Berlin.

How much time do you have for Berlin?

All of this in 16 days! This seems a little >crazy...

Nevertheless it seems possible - with good planning at least. :)

Do you still need tips for Munich, Hannover (if at all), Leipzig, Dresden, Berlin? Seems pretty obvious what you want to do in Fssen or the Bacharach area :) Even though in Fssen many people favour Hohenschwangau over Neuschwanstein as castle - due to the masses of tourists in the latter.....

And again - what are your main interests? Like architecture, museums, nature, food *g* ....?