Subject: Re: Going to Germany; any suggestions?
Hi, Let me guess Barbara - you work in Logistics don't you?!?

It's good to see that you have thought about the cities and you have a general route picked out. That's good. I would spend a little

time considering how many destinations you have. It can be done,

but it seems to timed more like a UPS route than a tourist route. ;- ) I think I counted 12 cities (more or less) and all that in a 16 day trip. That would be exhausting and perhaps only glazing the surface. I guess the way I look at it, if you are a normal person,

you will be sleeping/cleaning up/breakfasting at least 1/3 of your time in Germany. Throw in one or two other meals per day and

transportation (which will be almost daily in this case) and another 1/3 of the day will be gone. That doesn't leave much time to really do the tourist thing :-( Especially true when you consider the

heavy-hitter cities (Munich, Dresden, Berlin) could/should require a couple of days. Of course it can be done, but as a first-timer in Germany and you have to do everything for yourself?... Plan well my dear!

If I could throw in 2 Euro cents, I would agree with Baerbel, drop Hannover additionally if you are doing Dresden, skip Leipzig

(personal bias). My third cent would be Cologne might not be worth it for a four hour stop. The Dom is impressive but is it a bit out of the way for your route? You might burn up a day in travel time to get a short Cologne stop in the trip. That's the ptifall of heavy intra-country travel... it consumes time and money :-(

You might consider enriching your experience at each stop rather

than including too many stops. In other words, is there a cultural

(concerts, festivals, puppet shows, special exhibits, etc.) event you can attend in one or more cities? Check out the city calendars

(e.g. events calendar and the same for other cities)...

You go girl, but give yourself time to stop too :-)