Subject: Re: Germany suggestions, Rothenburg or Nordlingen
Hi Majeba,

It's true that Rothenburg is crowded, but it is worth seeing. Most tourists visit during the day and you will find that it really clears out by the early evening. This, as well as early morning, is the perfect time to walk the wall, and see all the wonderful things to see and shop for! The answer might be to simply sleep in Rothenburg.

Nordlingen is supposed to be wonderful, just like Rothenburg but not nearly as crowded. Its on the Romantic Road, if you are driving it why not stop in and see it as well. That's what I would do! There are so many places to explore in Bavaria, I hope your going to take your time.

I found these sites helpful in planning for Bavaria:


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I surely hope this helps! Enjoy your holiday....

Amelia in (where is our winter?) Los Angeles