Subject: Re: Germany

We did Bavaria and Austria a year and a half ago. Drove. Being Californians it was no problems except getting lost in the cities. For example we saw our hotel in Innsbruck but there were big round signs with X which I assumed meant keep out. However the rule was it is OK to go in if driving to a hotel in the area.

We were gone about 15-17 days and had a great time, spent at least 2 nights in every stop.

As far as knowing German it was not necessary. I got sick in Munich and had my travel insurance company call a doctor at 10 PM. 5 minutes later the hotel manager came to the room and said he could have a German doctor in 20 minutes or a English speaking doctor in 2 or 3 hours. We chose the German doctor who diagnosed bronchitis, gave me a shot and prescription. I then asked in English how to pay him. In perfect English he said 65 euros (what a bargain). The next morning I walked to the drug store. The frau immediately handed me a box of pills and told me I should take 2 at once and asked if I wanted a glass of water. I replied yes and she brought me a large glass of water. I took enough to wash the pills down and handed the glass back. She said, You MUST drink ALL the water now! which I did.

I am too old now to drive but we saw a lot of places we would never have seen if not driving.