Subject: Re: Going to Germany; any suggestions?
Hi Barbara

We are planning another trip to Europe next year and will concentrate on Germany. I travelled to Germany briefly as a child, once when I was about 20 by myself, and twice since on bigger trips of Europe - most recently in 2003. Each time as an adult I have relied on trains for transport and the German trains are wonderful. I had no trouble travelling by myself except sometimes I was a bit lonely as I had no-one to share the experience with; no compromises were required either!

What I have found works well for us is to stop in one city for a few days and use the trains to visit other cities from there. We stay reasonably close to the station. The advantage is you are not lugging your bags around, negotiating a room ... - more time to see things.

For example we went to Garmisch-Partenkirchen for dinner from Munich. We also hired a car for one day to travel to Neuschwanstein (we were a family so that was more convenient than a tour for us). The Romantic Road can be travelled in a day by bus - the tour I took many year's ago had long stops in Dinkelsbuhl, Nordlingen and Rothenburg. It was just the bus that leaves outside the Munich railway station and with a Eurail or Deutsche Bahn pass costs 1/2 price. You could then catch a train back to Munich that evening or of course travel on to Heidelberg.

Your itinerary then looks a little less hectic as say from Munich you see Dachau, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, and Fussen. You are still covering a lot of ground so you would still want to work out in advance when you will travel and how long you spend on the journey . For example, using the German rail site you find that from Cologne to Hannover will take at least 2 hours 40 minutes and perhaps 3 hours. Add getting to your hotel, and that is an afternoon of travelling. You may need to compromise depending on how long you wish to spend in each place.

Enjoy your trip

Regards Anne Canberra, Australia